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One Million Individuals Fight Against Cancer (OMIFAC)
We Are Building A Comprehensive Cancer Treatment Center With Brachytherapy Unit - OMIFAC Initiative.
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The OMIFAC Initiative

Fight Cancer With ₦1000

Cancer is responsible for 72,000 deaths in Nigeria annually, with an accounted 102,000 new cases of cancer annually. With ₦1000 donation monthly over a period of 12 months by 1 million persons, a comprehensive cancer center with a brachytherapy unit can be built in a centralized location in Nigeria to fight cancer.

OMIFAC is the acronym for One Million Individuals Fight Against Cancer. This is an initiative by St. Cyril Cancer Treatment Foundation.


A comprehensive cancer treatment center

Background Information

Cancer develops when biological changes result in unregulated cell growth and division, as we all know Cancer is now one of the leading causes of death in the world with about 7.6 million deaths reported in 2007. In Nigeria today, we have only three centres with functional radiotherapy machines and they are in Abuja, Lagos, and Enugu. “Based on the International Atomic Energy Management Agency recommendation, any community that has 1,000,000 people is supposed to have a radiotherapy machine.

Building a Comprehensive Cancer Treatment Center where minor surgery, Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and various diagnostic tests are done is the core of this initiative. A Center that is patient-centric and ensures every patient who comes through its door, irrespective of status and financial constraint is treated.

The cancer situation in Nigeria

Deaths Annually By Cancer
New Cancer Cases Annually
1 %
Readiness Score (Poorly Equipped)
Radiotherapy Units Required



A Comprehensive cancer treatment center with a Brachytherapy unit

Location: Surulere, Lagos. 
Proposed Budget: ₦12,000,000,000
Timeline: 12 Months

OMIFAC is the acronym for One Million Individuals Fight Against Cancer. This is an initiative by St. Cyril Cancer Treatment Foundation.

Change the narrative

Join us and let’s fight cancer together


The goal for this initiative is to raise one million people to give a token of N1000 monthly for a year. 

The money will be used to build a comprehensive cancer centre with  brachytherapy unit. When completed, the Centre will provide treatment for cancer patients across the nation who, up until now, have not had sufficient access to cancer treatment and support.

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Goals and Milestones

What we intend to achieve

1. Brand awareness of St Cyril Cancer Treatment Foundation as a community service and cancer specialist facility in Surulere

The ongoing projects in the area have done a lot to establish St. Cyril Cancer Treatment Foundation as a community resource and cancer treatment centre.

This is evident in the increase of 60% in the enquiries made virtually and in person.

2. Build a Comprehensive Cancer Treatment Facility

Given the fact that the data available on cancer trials is not a true picture of the situation and most times doesn’t include the marginalised, the services provided by this centre has been designed to make cancer screening and treatment more accessible to everyone who needs it regardless of their financial or social status.

3. All-Encompassing Treatment

Where does a comprehensive cancer centre fit in the diagnosis-treatment chain? 

Developing a healthy lifestyle greatly lowers the risk of cancer, thus one of the main focus of this centre is prompt, accurate screening and diagnosis as well as adequate treatment for victims until survival phase, when patients are in the phase of returning to health and wellness.

Who we are

St. Cyril Cancer Treatment Foundation

St. Cyril Cancer Treatment Foundation is the first cancer NGO in Nigeria focused on providing quality treatment to all cancer patients by building cancer centres.

Our Surulere Cancer Treatment Center has already started operations. We are providing cancer screening, chemotherapy, palliative care, ultrasound and pharmacy services.

Our long term goal is to move Nigeria closer to the 200 cancer centres recommended by WHO for our population.

Our foundation has a mission to provide quality cancer care to individuals who ordinarily cannot afford it. We do this not just by treatment alone but also, by creating awareness and frequent Cervical, Breast and Prostate screening sessions to improve on early diagnosis.

Our Achievements

  • Initiated over 100 fundraising campaigns for cancer patients who have inadequate funding capabilities for their treatment
  • Moved our clinic operation to our permanent site at Surulere
  • Executed over 40 Cervical and breast ultrasound screening projects and screened over 500 women for free in Isolo, Mushin, Surulere, Ajegunle and Ketu (Lagos).
  • Hosted and participated in several webinars that focused on Mental Health issues and how emotional intelligence and counselling can be used as a problem-solving strategy to create a supportive environment for cancer warriors and survivors.

Mainly, we want to focus on making a difference to the World Health Organization (WHO) statistics that “70% of cancer-related deaths occur in low and middle-income countries” like Nigeria.

Change the narrative

Join us and let’s fight cancer together

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